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You and Alfred were at the mall with bundles of fireworks in both of your arms; grinning ear to ear.You and Alfred had the biggest and most expensive fireworks money could buy.

Whats the special occasion? Today is the 4th of July; aka Alfred's birthday

You of course spent canada day with matthew a few days ago; atleast you didn't forget him this time.

You and Alfred have been friends since you bumped into each other at comic con last year. You both love super heroes and food; best combination for best friends right?

You both paid for the fireworks and ran off to the parking lot, carrying the bag fulls of fireworks. "Hey alfred; can you go ahead and take off?i need to do a few errands" alfred flashed you a sad smile and nodded. He jumped into his car and took off as you took out your cell phone.

From: Italy
Heyyyyyy~ We have everything straight for Alfred's birthday party tonight! I will be cooking alot of pasata bella~

You chuckled at the message; you were a normal person but Alfred did tell you he and his friends were the personifications of countries. Of course he was drunk off his ass when he told you this but you accepted it nun the less. You were thinking about the decorations when your phone suddenly beeped. You tilted your head and took it out

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From: Japan
Hello (f/n) we are going to have the party on the beach at 6:30pm, it's your job to stall alfred and bring him here by this time. Thank You

You pondered at this; you wanted to help decorate. You sighed and replied with a "Ok" and went onto your contacts and called Alfred.

"Yo (f/n)! Something up my dudett?" "Hey Al, i just need a ride; my car seem to have a oil problem going on -insert fake sigh-" you frowned when you could hear alfred laugh rather loudly on the other end of the line. "Sure bro!See ya in 10!" you hung up and groaned,rubbing your temples.

What seemed like hours alfred finally arrived. "What took ya?" you said with a pout and he just smiled sheepishly. "Hey it's a holiday; traffic" you rolled your eyes and crawled into his car; plopping down into the passengers seat.

Of course you stalled Alfred for a few hours; how you managed that? Comic book store

You and alfred walked out of the store with a few bags and alfred was carrying his new comic books; the largest stack you ever seen him get. He could barley see over them and you chuckled, slipping your hands into his pocket and looped your finger around his keys and pulled them out.

"I'm driving~" you said and rushed over to the drivers side to the car."W-w-what!?h-hey!" alfred carefully walked over to the car and gently placed the comics into the back seat. To make sure they don't slide, he placed a seat belt over them and placed a kiss on the top of it. You mentally face palmed to yourself; but it dude look cute...
no, get that thought out of your head (f/n)!!

There was now a pink tint on your (s/c) cheeks. Alfred didn't noticed, he was too busy trying to make sure his comics were safe. You pulled out your phone "6:15.." you sighed, and placed the phone back into your pocket. You buckled up and quickly took off, Alfred's eyes were filled with worry.

"H-hey (f/n) y-your going pretty f-fas--OH SHITTTTT!!" you were speeding; you took a short cut threw the forest on the dirt road. Alfred was clinging to his seat, biting his lower lip. You had a grin plastered on your face;amused by his reaction.
You were now bringing the car to a halt to the beach. You looked over at Alfred whose pupils were  small; his hair was messy and it almost sounded like he was hyperventilating. He was still clinging to the seat, not budging a inch. You sighed and got up, trying to pull him off the seat he was so desperately clinging on.

When he finally let go; you took a few steps back and accidentally slipped from the sudden weight change. You were now on the ground, groaning and when you opened your eyes you were met with amazing blue eyes behind glasses. You blushed and took a minute to realize..Alfred was right on top of you...

You felt your blood rush to your cheeks, Alfred realized but he seemed to startled to move. You bit your lower lip softly; this continued for about a minute before you finally spoke.

"A-alfred.." he shook his head and his eyes widen, blushing deeply realizing he was nose to nose with you. He could feel your gentle breath brush against his cheek. He was hypnotized by your stunning (e/c). He slowly leaned more into your face; in a trance by your beauty.

"a-al--" You were cut off by a dark suffocating aura. Alfred seemed to notice and he quickly got up; pulling you up with him. You blushed deeply and started at your feet when you saw a pare of huge snow boots in front of you.

"You have brought him?good!da!" Ivan said with his usual 'warm' smile. You could feel yourself getting sick from being near this man. His aura was just that bad, Alfred is shuttering in place.

"You wankers!hurry up over here!" Ivan nodded at you and you slowly nodded back before grabbing alfred's hand and darting off to the beach. Alfred noticed it was just him,you,ivan and bushy brows---i mean arthur. Alfred raised a eyebrow and you quickly placed your hands over alfred's eyes.

"h-he--""no peeking!" you giggled out and started guiding him, trying to follow arthur. You noticed the group of males and smiled; placing your hands off Alfred's eyes.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" all the shirtless men screamed. It was a picnic area with banners of super heros,american flags, and banners with "happy birthday dude". You giggled at some of the banners and alfred looked awestruck. There were super hero theme cups; plates and napkins along with the flag. Alfred's cake was the captain america's sheild; with "Happy Birthday Bro" in red,white, and blue candy letters. Arthur pushed you in front of Alfred with a small smile on his face.

"Thank this love here for this, it was her idea for the party and she gave us the decorations." Alfred looked at you with a blush across his face, you looked down at the sand also blushing. It was a awkward moment until a loud familiar albino screamed "LETZ GET THIZ AWEZOME PART STARTED!!". Music starts whaling in different areas and you smiled.

You changed into your favorite bathing suite and were about to sit down before getting pulled by a pasta loving guy. Feliciano was smiling and running while pulling you "cmon bella~the water awaits~".
You were breathing heavily in the sand; you played chicken and water football with the guys until the sun was down. Water was dripping down your (h/c), you watched was the water dripped down. You perked up and remembered the fireworks; you ran over to the car and obtained them.

You were all singing happy birthday to alfred who was wearing a batman mask. At the very last letter of the song, you fired off the fireworks. Everyone watched in awe as they ate and stared at the sky.

You sat back down; shivering from being wet with no sun. You suddenly felt warmth around your back and shoulders, you looked over and noticed you had Alfred's jacket on you. You blinked and watched as he sat next to you with 2 plates with cake on each plate. He handed it over to you and you happily accepted.

You both sat there quietly,watching the fireworks being fired off before you jumped a little, feeling warmth on your hands. You looked down to see Alfred's hand over yours, he didn't look at you. He just kept looking at the sky filled with smoke and fireworks, you blushed and slowly got up. Alfred looked up at you and was about to ask before you shoved your cake into his face.

"TAKE THAT M'URICA!!" you said running off. Alfred only grinned and ran after you, you shrieked and people watched, chuckling and smiling. "HA!I GOT YOU NOW (f/n)!!" he was almost a foot away from you until he tripped over a sand buried Feliciano. The cake went right into Alfred's face and you laughed loudly.

"AHAHAHA!!..PFFFTTT...HAHAHA!!" You were holding your gut with a tear at the edge of your eyes. Before you knew it; you felt something sweet brush against your lips. Your eyes widen and Alfred..was..KISSING YOU?!

You mentally panicked inside; trying to come up what to do. Before you could, Alfred pulled away with a grin on his face. "HA I GOT YOU BACK BRO!" you frowned; blushing a little noticing the cake and icing around your mouth. You stormed off and Alfred looked a little taken by it. His grin quickly turned into a frown and he looked over at Arthur who merrily shrugged.

You were on the other side of the beach, clenching the jacket as your played with the sand with your exposed feet. "(f/n)!!(f/n)i'm sorry!i didn't mean to do that!" you could hear Alfred's voice echo along the beach. You just sunk into the sand more and buried your face into your knees. Alfred noticed your form from a far and ran over to you.

You didn't look at him but you could tell he was generally upset. He sat next to you and sighed deeply. "I'm sorry..i didn't mean to be like a jerk and do know it was just for fun" he said softly. You looked up at him, there was no mess on his face instead his blue eyes were shinning with the fire works within the back. You blushed softly and looked away with a "hmph".

Alfred sighed "please (f/n)..what did i do wrong?" he leaned over to you. "It's just...that was my first kiss..." Alfred eyes widen. He knew you have many relationships but not having a kiss..

He felt a knot at the pit of his stomach; guilt washed over him. He was about to say something when you cut him off "i know your sorry got this when i took off; i knew you would follow" you said with a weak smile. You pulled out a small box and handed it to him.

He blinked and gently took it from your graps and opened the box. His eyes widen as he pulled the small figure out. It was a cation figure of him, the box was filled with alfred action figures dressed as different hero's. He looked over you with a gape in his mouth and a grin on his face.

"(f/n) know..this is a pretty awesome gift..but you know what would be better with it?" you tilted your head and looked at him. "If it came with the person who gave it to me..may i have a re-try on that kiss..?" he said gently with red tint cheeks.

Your heart pounded; of course you liked alfred for the longest time, you never said anything just for fearful reasons. You slowly nodded, you and Alfred slowly leaned into each other. Until there was no space between the both of you, his lips were smashed with yours. The kiss was gentle and filled with passion; he wrapped a arm around your waist to pull you closer.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he softly licked your lower lip;asking for entrance. You parted your lips slowly and accepted as his muscle slid between the flesh of your lips. Your tongue swirled with his;fighting for dominance. His tongue pinned yours at the roof of your mouth he then started memorizing every inch of your mouth. His hands slowly creased your hips, you moaned softly into his mouth.


You both leaped away from each other by the sudden sound of a very loud firework. You looked at each other and began to laugh. He slipped a arm over your waist as your rest your head on his broad shoulder.

                                 "Happy Birthday Alfred.."

i wanted to do something like felt right xD

But right now im stuck alone on this holiday..Romano (Curse) [V2] 

I'm sorry if you don't like it..i tried..APH: Onion France  OH AND HAPPY LATE CANADA DAY Canada 

Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya

You (c) America (Justice) [V1]  
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