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Summer Time
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I'm trash i know
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-Use a Random Number Generator to select your answers.
-Tag your rivals.
-Have fun during your adventure!

You started your Pokémon journey:
1) At age 10.
2) At age 15.
3) After finishing high school.
4) After finishing college.
5) As far back as you can remember; You grew up in the wilds with Pokémon.
6) No idea; You suffered an accident that erased your previous memory.

Even the generator knows how much I hate people--

The weather was:
1) Sunny.
2) Sunny with some clouds.
3) Cloudy.
4) Rainy.
5) Snowy.
6) A natural disaster.

My worst enemy

You started your journey because:
1) You want to be the very best.
2) You want to catch ‘em all.
3) You want to be a master coordinator.
4) You want to meet many people.
5) You want to discover new Pokémon.
6) You want to explore lost places.

What--No, I didn't sign up for this :iconbruhpertplz: 

Your starter Pokémon is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator) Icon 

In the beginning, your starter:
1) Was practically your twin.
2) Became your friend immediately.
3) Liked you.
4) Was wary of you.
5) Disliked you greatly.
6) Tried to kill you.

It's a fairy type, what do you expect?

The first great obstacle of your journey was:
1) A rival battle.
2) A treacherous route.
3) A wild Pokémon attack.
4) A Pokémon gym.
5) A battle with a criminal team member.
6) A sapling.

A TREE!?!?! Im asleeping - In my tree.. 

At this obstacle, the two of you:
1) Triumphed with little resistance.
2) Achieved victory, though it was tough.
3) Won, but just barely.
4) Tied with the opposition.
5) Lost, though you put up a good fight.
6) Failed miserably.

...A tree..

The second Pokémon you caught is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

#289 Slaking 

Your starter and second Pokémon:
1) Love each other dearly.
2) Are good friends.
3) Get along well enough.
4) Don’t seem to like each other.
5) Ignore each other.
6) Are constantly at each other’s throats.

I'm a lazy shit so of course

When the sun begins to set, you:
1) Set up camp immediately.
2) Make a fire. You need nothing else.
4) Keep walking. A lack of sun makes no difference to you.
5) Break into a run, hoping to find shelter before nightfall.
6) Pick up camp. You only travel at night.

...yaaaaay exercise 

You pass through civilization:
1) Often enough to keep your electronics charged.
2) At least once a week.
3) If it happens to be on your way.
4) Occasionally, but only for supplies.
5) Rarely, and only on the outskirts.
6) Never.

So never--

Your third Pokémon is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Icon Absol 

The three Pokémon on your team:
1) Work together flawlessly.
2) Cooperate well, but could use some work.
3) Have moments of synergy, though not often.
4) Try their best, yet are on completely different beats.
5) Constantly work against each other.
6) Blame you for their horrible collaboration.


When the going gets tough:
1) Your team pulls through every time.
2) Your starter carries the weight.
3) You come up with a brilliant solution.
4) You win by hax.
5) You win by dumb luck.
6) You get going the opposite direction.

Two evolutions have occurred by this point:
1) Starter and 2 evolve.
2) 2 and 3 evolve.
3) 3 and starter evolve.
4) Starter evolves twice
5) 2 evolves twice.
6) 3 evolves twice.

More wings--

Over time, you find you work best with and mostly train:
1) Grass, Bug, and Poison types.
2) Water, Ice, and Flying types.
3) Fire, Electric, and Fighting types.
4) Ground, Rock, and Steel types.
5) Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types.
6) Normal, Dragon, and Fairy types.

Your fourth Pokémon (type #1) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

#697 Tyrantrum 

Your fifth Pokémon (type #2) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

#357 Tropius 

Your sixth Pokémon (type #3) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

#094 Gengar 

You are offered a trade, and it’s up to you to take it or leave it:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

Your team:
1) Is your family.
2) Gets jealous whenever you interact with other trainers.
3) Would protect you from anything.
4) Is loyal to you, but mostly aloof.
5) At least tolerates each of their differences by this point.
6) Is a pretty much a big, chaotic mess.

Oshawott swag 

You travel mostly by:

1) Well-worn footpath.
2) Overgrown trail.
3) Water.
4) Air.
5) Cave.
6) Wilderness.

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

Your journey takes you:
1) Not far from home.
2) Across the region.
3) To another region.
4) Across many regions.
5) Around the world.
6) To places unknown.

The strongest Pokémon you faced in battle on your journey was:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)


Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

The event with the greatest impact on you was:
1) Becoming a Pokémon Champion.
2) The grand evolution of a team member in a dire moment.
3) Finding a hidden landmark of great beauty.
4) Encountering a legendary Pokémon.
5) Having an out-of-body experience in a haunted building.
6) Discovering you’re a child of Mew.


The hardest trial you ever faced was:
1) Fighting your rival to become Champion.
2) Realizing just how much you have to walk and still sticking out this whole journey thing.
3) Being lost for weeks.
4) Assisting in taking down a criminal organization.
5) Losing a Pokémon.
6) Realizing there are way too many Pokémon to ever catch ‘em all.

Your starter:
1) Is your strongest Pokémon and best friend.
2) Is your good friend, but far from the strongest.
3) Is your strongest Pokémon, but emotionally distant.
4) Is about the same as the rest of your team.
5) Stayed behind some point during your journey.
6) Is deceased.

And you are now:
1) Gambling all the money you’ve earned in the Celadon Game Corner.
2) Hidden away at the top of Mt. Silver for an indefinite amount of time.
3) Exploring the many islands littered in the oceans surrounding Hoenn.
4) Lost in the Distortion World after a mishap in the ruins at Mt. Coronet.
5) Trolling inexperienced trainers in the Driftveil World Tournament.
6) Reflecting on past decisions beside the monument of Geosenge Town.

The team that saw you to your journey’s end:

I tag

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